Eight Sites To Learn Coding For Free

Eight Sites To Learn Coding For Free

Because the world is going totally tech , a lot of tech building of machines and websites , a lot of people want to know how to begin to do things like coding and even continuing to learn a computer program .

Well before you begin your quest to learn this, it would be very much advised you start to learn online , there are lot of free online website where you can learn coding for free.

  • Freecodecamp

The freecode camp is a USA based NGO that aims to teach coding for free.

They have interactive coding tutorials supported by videos and articles.

And by completing various courses in various categories like Web Design, Quality Assurance, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and other additional topics, you can get certificates.


  • Codecademy

With Codeacademy you to learn free and they offer the following courses;

Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Web Design, Game Development, and Mobile Development.

And to learn specific programming languages you can also move on to learn

HTML & CSS, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL, C++, PHP, and more.


  • Edx

Most courses edX offers are free online courses by esteemed and reputable universities like Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, the University of British Columbia, and more.


And under coding they teach Computer Science and Data Science categories for in-depth courses on Full Stack Development, Javascript, Python, AI, Machine Learning, and more.

And to get certificates you’d have to pay a certain amount of money.

  • Cousera

With Cousera you can learn introduction to programming, HTML, CSS, loT programming, C language, Python, Java, and more for free from a beginner’s level or the highest levels.

  • Udemy

Udemy is an amazing learning platform with user generated content, With tutors who are either coders or professors.


On Udemy you can start learning Design, IT, Software Development, and level up from beginner to professional levels.


  • Udacity

On Udacity you are exposed to both free and paid courses a variety of courses that offer are;

Programming, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and more.

And learners perfect their desired skills by practicing in real life projects.


  • Solo learn

At Solo learn people who learn code learning it in a fun-filled environment, as each learner gets to interact, collect points, and appear in their ‘Top Learners’ section.


Solo learners learn courses on Python, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, PHP, HTML & CSS, React, Angular, and pretty much anything code-related you could think of.

  • Upskill

is a freemium coding bootcamp known for its beginner-friendly video lectures. It aims to make complex programming concepts much easier to understand by using jargon-less and straightforward language.

It has 200+ free video content and exercises on web development basics and using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


These are many other offers will be brought here courtesy-Bluescripts IT Institute

Eight Sites To Learn Coding For Free

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