Top Tech Skills To Learn in 2022


Top tech skills to learn in 2022.


Robotics is gradually taking over ,and to be an excellent robotic engineer you need skills in Maths ,Python, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning.


Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality;

 The military, sports education and even politics make use of these tools and to learn it you need a skill set in 3D modelling, software development, and programming.


Big Data Analytics;

This is simply gathering data, analysing , interpreting  and properly storing them. To do this you need a skill in Python, spark, Ha cop, Excel.


5G network; as times have changed and people now meet virtually having a reliable network would help a lot and 5 g fixes this need, skills you need are Internet of Things( IoT) virtual Reality.


IoT; is a futuristic system recognized for technological methods ,which helps to improve customer service and profits ,skills you need are Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, JavaScript.


Cyber security;

Keeping cyber attacks and ransom wares away, you need a skill and knowledge of operating system and networking to soar in this career.


Block Chain;

Understanding Crypto’ s centralized ledger that monitors data in several locations ,which make forgery almost impossible.

You need skills in Cryptography, Data structure, and Crypto networking.


Cloud service;

This helps for remote working , organizations such as Pinterest, Netflix have adopted this and the needed skill is networking and programming.


Artificial intelligence;

Ai has made life easy but automating complex task , you need skill in programming, maths and python etc.


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