How to Make Money Using Your Smart Phone


I bet you never new you can make money from using only your internet connected phone , or some smart phone applications.


Wouldn’t you want to join the thousands of Nigerians who make money from surfing their phones?


Since we spend a better part of our time on our phones ,making money too would make it merrier so let me take you on a journey on how you could make money while surfing your phone.


  • Swag bucks

With swag bucks you make money by completing surveys on your phone, watching videos and shopping.


  • Google Opinion Rewards

Alot of Nigerians do not make adequate use of this app, it is very popular , all you need do is help google carry out surveys and you get paid with google play store cards.


  • Make Money -Free Cash App.

Some users have testified that they pay very quickly ,if you download the app , all you need do is give your opinion , test services and play games , they do not give gift cards but my you in cash.


  • Toluna

Toluna is been around for over 10 years now, people make money on the app only by taking surveys.

Alot of brand uses them to get opinion on how to get better on their services.


  • Foap

Did you know that if you posted less pictures on Instagram and posted them on Foap ,you could get paid for that and those pictures.

There area lot of big brands on Foap looking to buy pictures.


  • Playment 

Playment get to register using your Facebook details , voila !!! You begin to take tasks and get paid on completion.


  • Slidejoy 

With slide joy you could earn up to $15 monthly by taking surveys.


  • Inbox Dollar

They have millions of people who get paid taking market surveys on their app, but there is a time frame with which to complete tasks.

  • Scooper.

Scooper was built by a Nigerian , and on scooper you get paid to read new contents and receive payments via cash, paid trips and gifts.

  • Carry First Trivia

This one is for the bookworms and those passionate about knowledge, because on carry first , you get paid for answering questions correctly.

How to Make Money Using Your Smart Phone

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