How Much Does It Cost To Build Biogas?

Biogas systems turn the cost of waste management into a revenue opportunities. Converting waste into electricity, heat, or vehicle fuel provides a renewable source of energy that can reduce dependence on foreign oil imports, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve environmental quality, and increase local jobs.
Biogas systems also provide an opportunity to recycle nutrients in the food supply, reducing the need for both petrochemical and mined fertilizers.
Biogas systems are a waste management solution that solve multiple problems and create multiple benefits, With the rise of gas ,fuel ,and kerosene in  now,it has been said that the use of biogas for power generation will be the next biggest deal in the entire world, the use of biogas will be more beneficiary in term of better economic usage both in generation and environmental friendliness.
with the continuous use of wood and coals is harder to obtain and fuel is to expensive for most Nigeria households, biogas is the alternative source of energy in a deficit economy like Nigeria.
How Much Does It Cost To Build Biogas?

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