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Course Overview
Getting seen on the primary page of search engine result pages is crucial for businesses and online marketers. program optimization helps improve Web site rankings, and it’s often complex and confusing. This task-based, hands-on program optimization online course covers the concepts and trends and then lays out a day-by-day strategy for developing, managing, and measuring a successful SEO plan. With tools you’ll download and case histories to illustrate key points, it’s the right solution for busy marketers, business owners, et al. whose jobs include improving Web site traffic.


Course Topics
Introduction in conformity with the Updated version 

Chapter 1. Introduction in accordance with what Google factory
Old-school techniques so much no longer work.
Google updates yet how according to survive them.
Authority, trust, relevance & user behavior, Four current robust search engine optimization strategies explained.
How Google ranks sites correct at last -Google’s most modern top 10 ranking elements revealed.
Google’s instant use over computing device learning technological know-how in conformity with rule the inquire results.
Google’s game-changing Mobile-First Index.
How in imitation of continue to be ahead of Google’s updates.

Chapter 2. Keyword research. The near necessary foot over search engine marketing – 25
Why is keyword research then important?
What exactly is a keyword?
How in imitation of discover keywords for convenient rankings.

Chapter 3 On-page SEO. How after pass Google know where you page is as regards – 41
How in imitation of structure you website because of easy or automatic SEO.
How to accomplish Google pick on the resolution phrases ye want.
How according to arrive extra people clicking over you rankings between Google.
Site burden velocity -Google magic dust.
The usual suspects -sitemaps.xml yet robots.txt.
Duplicate content- ecclesiastic tags and mean fun.
Usability -the new search engine optimisation explained.
Mobile assist -important search engine marketing explained in simple terms.
Google’s Search Quality Guidelines-and or in conformity with uses to them in conformity with you advantage.
Readability -SEO because the future.
How according to speed up visitors and rankings including content material marketing.
HTTPS & SSL upon standard checklist.
User Behavior Optimization-how according to usage Google’s machine education technology to you advantage.




Chapter 4 Link building. How to rank extraordinarily high on Google – 80
Why is hyperlink building so important?
The dirty baby hidden no certain wants according to inform ye as regards hyperlink building.
How in accordance with gather hyperlinks yet such as to keep away from within hyperlink building.
Anchor text. What’s all the fuss?
Simple after superior link building strategies.
Link cry – scaling up excessive multiplication hyperlink building campaigns.
How in imitation of be brought hyperlinks beside most important information outlets because free.
Additional link building opportunities.

Chapter 5. Social media & search engine optimization – 110
Is social media essential because of SEO?
Facebook & SEO.
Twitter & SEO.
Other associative networks.
Social media analytics.

Chapter 6. Web analytics of a nutshell. How to measurement thy Success – 117
Tracking you ask rankings.
Why usage Google Analy tics?
How after utilizes Google Analytics.
Organic Search report.
Common internet analytics phrases explained.
Call tracking -powerful analytics for every business.
Other internet analytics tools.

Chapter 7. Troubleshooting frequent web optimization issues & how many in imitation of restoration to them – 129
What in conformity with do when thine website online is not listed between Google at all.
What in accordance with do so you commercial enterprise is no longer ranking for thine personal business name.
What to functionate so you rankings hold dropped off.
How in imitation of crave professional assist because free.

Chapter eighth Local SEO. SO because local businesses – 135
Why utilizes native SEO?
How according to term excessive with native SEO.
Getting commenced along partial SEO.
Building citations.
Building reviews.
Supercharging local search engine marketing along photos or videos.
Local SO ranking checklist & crucial resources.

Chapter 9. How according to lord search along Rich Results. Structured data, JSON-LD, Facebook Open Graph & More – 146
What are prosperous snippets?
Why you want in conformity with focal point concerning wealthy results.
Why makes use of Structured Data yet JSON-LD?
How after come began including JSON-LD.
How in conformity with target featured snippet rankings among Google’s ask results.
How in conformity with target “People also ask” yet question-based wealthy results.
Voice inquire SE yet Google’s Speakable structured data.
Facebook Open Graph.

Chapter ten Powerful search engine marketing tools – 158
Research tools.
Optimization tools.
Link constructing tools.
Web analytics tools.

Bonus Chapter 1: Google’s algorithm updates – 170
Google’s BERT update -Google subsequently learns or humans speak.
Google’s excellent practices because of advertising or SO throughout COVID.
Google’s Page Experience Update then New Ranking Factors – The Core Web Vitals.
Google’s July 2021 Core Update.
Google’s July 2021 Link Spam Update.
Google’s Cookieless Tracking Update.
Keeping up-to-date along Google’s updates.
Google’s 2022 updates – what’s regarding the horizon?
Bonus chapter 2: The speedy and soiled guide in imitation of pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads.
Why trouble along pay-per-click advertising?
Which is the excellent PPC issuer in conformity with start with?
Ensuring godsend along lookup and a plan.
How in conformity with select the appropriate type concerning keywords.
Structuring your marketing campaign along ad groups.
How in conformity with break the opposition with antagonist textual content ads.
How a whole lot in conformity with give for keywords.
Google Ads settings because of getting started.
Optimization suggestions for tweaking you campaign for higher profit.

Training Fee

Course Fee  – ₦150,000


The course duration is 2½ months