Best Online Tech Training In Nigeria

software development school in Ibadan

Best Online Tech Training In Nigeria

The best online tech training in Nigeria offer the following approved courses


  1. Technology education
  2. Coding bootcamp
  3. Software development courses
  4. IT training
  5. Computer programming classes
  6. Web development certification
  7. Cybersecurity training
  8. Cloud computing courses
  9. Artificial intelligence education
  10. Data science bootcamp


Above courses are offered online and on class basis. For those living abroad, our online training is the best platform to gain most sought after skills in tech..i.e full stack web development, cyber security, ethical hacking etc

Bluscripts IT Institute is accredited center by NYSC, COMPUTER PROFESSIONAL OF NIGERIA,  and other tech bodies.

We have trained over 5000 students right from inception..

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Best Online Tech Training In Nigeria

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