Google Offers Free IT Courses For High Paying Jobs

Get into the era of high paying positions with Google’s free IT courses. Acquire important expertise and information necessary for highly profitable professions in the constantly changing technology sector.
These IT pathways include:

  • Data Analyst Learning Path: a data analyst gathers and analyzes data to identify trends and develops valuable insights to help solve problems and inform business decisions.
    They have skills in data cleansing, visualization, and analysis including an understanding of data ethics and tooling.
  • Machine Learning Engineer Pathway: A Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for designing, constructing, productionizing, optimizing, operating, and sustaining ML systems.
    This learning pathway directs you through a carefully selected set of on-demand courses, labs, and skill badges.
  • Google AI for everyone: Delve into the key components of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Google AI for Anyone course, designed to demystify the subject and provide a comprehensive understanding of AI and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Data structure and Algorithm: this course will help you familiarize yourself with common data structures and algorithms such as lists, trees, maps, graphs, Big-O analysis, and more.
    The course will also help you to understand some best data structure practices

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