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Digital Marketing is the act of reaching your target cult in a more effective and precise way through colorful digital channels, to attract, engage and convert them to guests and buyers. Digital marketers use digital channels similar as hunt machines( Google, Bing, Yahoo,etc.), social media( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,etc.), dispatch marketing, online advertising( Google Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements,etc.), chapter marketing, influencer marketing to make mindfulnessinfluence consideration and eventually drive profitable conduct.

Digital marketing isn’t a new fashion, it has been available since the morning of the internet period. People used to call it as either online marketing or internet marketing. Digital marketing process has been evolving over all these times and it has come an integral part of doing business. With further and further people using internet- connected bias, it has come easier to reach people online, engage them and convert them to guests.


Digital Marketing



Introduction to Digital Marketing
Table of Contents:
Module 1
 Understanding your target audiences
 Websites, including analytics
 Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Module 2
 Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
 Social media marketing
Module 3
 Email marketing
 Content marketing and blogging
 Planning ahead


Our digital marketing course is divided into stages that foster faster understanding and also creating sub division for those that has little time for training:


Certificate In Digital Marketing (1Month)

Diploma In Digital Marketing  (3Months With internship )

Advance Diploma In Digital Marketing to (6Months)

Digital Marketing Training Course Modules

Training Fee

Course Fee – ₦45,000


Digital Marketing


Training Locations

Lagos-47b Abba Johnson Crescent,Akora Estate,Off Adeniyi Jones,Ikeja Lagos

2nd Floor Right Wing,Opposite Teachers’s House,Oluyole Estate,



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