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Imagine having an IT provider totally invested in you and your people,
who’ll provide transformational IT services elevating your team, and business.


Effective Security begins with proper Monitoring Systems!
CCTV Installation is the first area we started conducting Business in. Providing Surveillance solutions for offices homes and small businesses. Our products and services take care of all budgets and distribution. We offer qualify and low price for those of lower class that need it while we have another plan for corporate clients.

Our products cover wireless and wired based CCTV camera solutions.

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With so many smart home products available in the market for our use, its until these gadgets communicate together, that you experience the magic of smart home.
When you think of home automation system, your think is center on the simplicity and convenience in all aspect of your home. However, beauty of home automation lies in its modularity. Therefore considering it should be part of our lifestyle by enhancing it to simplify living through automation.

You do not need complete home automation to enjoy its benefits. You can automate to integrate any or all of your home’s devices, audio, video, internet, light, heating and cooling, gate and security systems.

Solar Energy And CNG Service

Bluescripts IT is one of the world’s leading specialists in renewable energies. Our company offers project development for residential and industrial .Our business activities are mainly focused in Solar, home automation, IT, Agric. Our system designers are able to offer you solution with attractive price.

We are ready to serve you better by making you to live in a green environment where there is no pollution.