Natural Fuel and gas have become a luxury to all, not just in Nigeria but across the globe.

As a result of the scarcity and increase in price, we have a cheaper and effective alternative Biogas!.

Course Overview

The TRAINING  cover a general entry to and an overview of the current state of the biogas sector, market, and technology in the respective region in which the course is offered. This one day course is meant for beginner who need background knowledge in biogas design for homes.

Biogas training is in three stages:

Beginner- Class Based

Intermediate-Field Work

Professional-Field work


Why do you need a Biogas!!?

A The technology of biogas is simple. Gas is generated from food and animal waste.

So, we simply gather the decomposed waste and make it biogas capable of replacing your kerosene stove and Lpg gas

B The biodegradable waste used in generating the gas for cooking is readily available and almost at no cost.

C .They are your faces, animal dung, spoiled food etc.

D. This training will be another source of income

E.Biogas is an efficient alternative to any cooking gas.

There is no need to starve or go around with dry food looking for where to cook when gas from  your septic tank or bio tank is all you need to prepare and enjoy a decent meal


  • Explores planning for biogas plants as a pre-requisite to develop a functional plant balancing energy production and consumption.
  • Gives out detailed provision of the types of substances that are and can be used for biogas production covering animal, municipal, and industrial wastes.
  • Provides knowledge for aspiring biogas producers as well as decision makers, specifically in the context of Nigeria.
  • Covers use of digestrate for anaerobic digestion as a waste treatment method and on the input (feedstock) to the biogas plant.
  • Compares carbon dioxide emissions from biogas plants with fossil fuel plants.
biogasCourse Content:-
  • How To Design Biogas
  • How To Design Bio digester For Home
  • Converting Septic Tank To Bio Digester

Course Duration

  • Beginner- 1 Day
  • Intermediate- 2Weeks (On Filed)


  • Beginner- #25,000
  • Intermediate- #120,000


Lagos-47b,Abba Johnson Crescent, Akora Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja Lagos

Ibadan-2nd Floor, Right wing Opposite Teachers House, Oluyole Estate,Ibadan



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