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Bluescripts I.T Institute was established in 2015. .The company started with Corban Bee Industries Ltd registered in 2003 which focus her services on Agro produce, import & export and agriculture. In 2015 it metamorphosed into Bluescripts I.T Institute. Bluescripts has four areas of expertise. They are I.T, Study abroad, Automation and Financial Accounting Institute. Bluescripts Edu consult is in charge of Foreign admission and Financial Accounting training while Bluescripts I.T Institute offer training in I.T and consultancy.

Bluescripts IT Institute is an information Technology company located in Ibadan, Nigeria servicing clients nationwide. Bluescripts is the leading provider of business & education I.T solutions in the Nigeria and a registered member of Computer Professional of Nigeria(CPN).

Partnering with the best of breed technologies such as CMIT, Sun, Google, Microsoft, we employ best practices. We are extremely committed to delivering quality advices, sales and supports to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their I.T investment.

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Adedeji Oyinloye
CEO Bluescripts IT Institute

“We assist organizations, regardless of size or sector, in getting ready for the journey ahead, no matter where it takes them. Our handpicked array of business and technical courses empowers companies, governments, and nonprofits to push boundaries by prioritizing learning within their strategies”

Lisa Jerryson

“I have learned a great deal from Dr Post about the management of patients with anterior knee pain and/or patellar instability. I have never seen a more thoughtful and organized physician who considers each patient as an individual. I am grateful to call Dr Xtra a colleague.”

Alex Wilmington

“I would like to make it clear, that the good people of Morgantown, and indeed all of West Virginia have a genuine World Class orthopedic surgeon in their midst. I have known Dr. Xtra for over 2 decades, and have seen and interacted with him at many national, and international conferences on the knee.”

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