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Cyber Security

Discover a World of Career Possibilities in Cybersecurity

Join Bluescripts for Cyber Security Training and Equip Yourself to Combat Cyber Threats and Thrive as a Specialist. With this course, you’ll cultivate skills poised to remain in high demand for years to come. Enhance your IT toolkit with valuable cyber security expertise, an asset for success in any tech-driven industry.!


Enhance your software development prowess through JavaScript

JavaScript, a text-based programming language essential for creating dynamic web pages. Ideal for budding web developers and programmers, JavaScript enables functionalities like image carousels, countdowns, timers, and media playback on websites. Dive into JavaScript online classes and master the art of building dynamic web experiences.

Web Development

Build Websites and Apps through Web Development

The realm of web development mirrors the vastness of the internet. Our social and professional interactions are predominantly online, giving rise to industries dedicated to crafting, overseeing, and refining the websites and applications essential to our daily lives.

Web Design

₦100, 000

Web Development

₦220, 000

Database Design & Development

₦320, 000


Master Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel!

Enroll in a Microsoft Excel course at Bluescripts, where industry experts will teach you everything from organizing data into sheets, rows, and columns to advanced techniques such as creating dynamic formulas. Excel is the go-to software for both small businesses and large corporations, and our course ensures you’re equipped for success!!

Functions & Formula


Pivot table


Graphs & Data Visualization


Advanced Excel


Discover a World of Career Possibilities with Python!

Enroll in Bluescripts Python course and delve into coding with this incredibly versatile language. Python’s straightforward syntax and readability are ideal for Flask, Django, data science, and machine learning. Gain skills to develop games, websites, and applications. Explore our wide selection of courses tailored to your interests!

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